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This is a medium grain rice variety when cooked is soft and separate and swallows / expands length-wise. It has a sweet nature, highly preferred in vegetarian meals used in making delicious food of South India such as Sakkara Pongal, Puliyotharai, Lemon Rice and Curd Rice. Our years of experience have given us a deep knowledge and understanding of rice. In accordance with that, our company's philosophy is to "Aim at develop" research and create a product that brings maximum satisfaction. And our efforts have helped us to leads the market as a well established Ponni Rice Manufacturer and Indian Ponni Rice Suppliers.

Ponni Rice is a variety of rice developed by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in 1986. It is widely cultivated in India and is a hybrid variety of Taichung65 and Myang Ebos 6080/2

Thanjavur Ponni Rice (Grain Rice):
This is thin, medium grain rice without any chalky rice.

  • This rice is a popular variety of South India. The rice when cooked is soft and separate and swells / expands only lengthwise resulting in long, thin grains.

Ponni rice is the main ingredient of idli, a breakfast dish.
Various features of this variety of rice are as follows :

  • Year of notification was in 1989.
  • This paddy variety takes about 135-140 days to grow.
  • The plant height is tall (130-135 cm).
  • The grain is fine, white, and resistant to rice tungru virus, moderately resistance to brown spot & blast.
  • Its yield is 45 quintals per hectare.